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Bride's Name: Christina Yingling-Smith
Groom's Name: Benjamin Smith
Wedding Date: November 20, 2010
Location: Yorktowne Hotel, York PA

We wanted to do something unique for our first dance while also trying to incorporate Ben's love of horror into our wedding. We came up with the idea of doing the Thriller dance at our wedding. We wanted to hire dancers and have them dress up as zombies. We originally thought it was a completely unique idea until we looked on YouTube and saw that quite a few people had done a Thriller first dance but no one had a whole group of makeup ridden zombies dancing with them. We decided it had to be done! It took some time, but we eventually found a great group of dancers from Millersville University to dance with us and a makeup artist that just happened to do bridal makeup and special effects makeup! We rehearsed with Unpredictable from Millersville University weekly for about 10 weeks before the wedding. Our makeup artist, Carmina Cristina, started the day doing all the bridal makeup for the bridal party and then went on to do the zombie makeup for our 8 dancers finishing up just in time for the dance! A special thanks to the Unpredictable Dance Crew from Millersville University and Makeup by Carmina Cristina!


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