Best Wedding Dances | See Funny Surpise Wedding Dance Videos: August 2009

In remembrance of Michael Jackson's birthday, We decided to post a cool video of a Bride and Bridesmaids dancing to Thriller. The dance took place at the wedding reception, and the ladies did a great job!

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Four couples compete live on the Today's Show to have their wedding done on National television as the Today's Show throws a Martha Stewart Wedding. Each couple had thirty seconds perform, to show some talent, to persuade viewers to give them their votes so they can have their wedding done on the Today's Show. Each couple did a great job, the acts ranged from Cheer leading, singing, and dancing.

The internet sensation JK Wedding Entrance Dance has yet again spawned more recreations and Parodies. Here are two videos of the popular Wedding Dance being recreated.

Video of Dancing With The Stars Austrailia doing JK Wedding Entrance Dance:

Video of WIS TV anchors recreating JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Here are 2 more pictures that were retrieved of Jill and Kevin from the famous JK Wedding Entrance Dance

Jill and Kevin - JK

Kevin Heinz and Jill Peterson

Country singer Martina McBride recently released her new single "I Just Call You Mine". A beautiful wedding theme song that I'm sure will be playing at weddings very soon. It's a great first wedding dance song. Martina was invited to sing her new song on the Today's show wedding for couple Nick and Leigh. The single is off her new album Shine.

Here is the official video for "I Just Call You Mine" by Martina McBride

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The popular JK Wedding Entrance Dance has spawned a parody video called JK Wedding Divorce Dance. The video was done by Indigo Production located in New York City. A group of actors put together a well choreographed dance in a courtroom mimicing the dance moves of the Jk Wedding Entrance Dance. The group also dances to the same song, Forever by Chris Brown. Indigo Productions did the video as a joke and it's not meant to do any harm. At the end of the video the group says "Just Kidding Guys, We Love You and gives an applause".

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