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Here are some photos of Jill Peterson, Kevin Heinz and the Bridal party.

Jill and Kevin Pictures

Jill Peterson and Kevin heinz

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It takes just a few seconds for anybody watching it to smile and keep smiling. A wedding party in a Saint Paul Minnesota Church, seven bridesmaids, five groomsmen, and four ushers dancing their way up the isle. The groom Kevin Heinz then tumbling to the head of the procession and bride Jill Peterson boogieing her way to holy matrimony with her bouquet thrust high. Everyone was clearly having the time of their lives and inviting all who were watching to really share the moment. And they did, not just in the church, but through the latest must see video. After Kevin posted it online, as he told the Today's show, he posted it for Jill's father and family, then the video Exploded. And did it ever, the Today's show appearance added a publicity turbo thrust that made it a story everyone raced to cover.

Then a return engagement on the Saturday's Today's show, the whole wedding party recreating the performance they rehearsed but once. It's no longer a new phenomenon, if there's video of something unique or surprising enough it will spark an Internet wild fire, Susan Boyle the voice of an angel and now this wedding video that's so appealingly human, has to be irresistible. The JK Wedding Dance gets you right in the gut, you get that buzz, you get that juiced up, jacked up feeling of joy and it comes through the dancing.

In this wedding dance video you can see unfettered happiness and friendship, the version of friendship you would want there to be on a couple's wedding day. How many eager witnesses, on Youtube alone over eight million views and counting.

jk wedding dance entranceJill Peterson and Kevin Heinz are both 28 and from Minnesota. Jill danced growing up and in college, she told Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer on the Today's show that she "loved dance as a way to express yourself and share joy." The wedding dance entrance was jill's idea, and everyone went along with it.

Jill and Kevin met when Kevin’s childhood friend, Jeff, married Jill’s college friend, Ann, in 2005. They were both in the wedding party. Jill could not resist Kevin’s wit and charm. Kevin could not resist Jill’s intellect, nor her remarkable dance moves.

Kevin said this about posting the video on youtube, "I put it up because her dad had been really harassing me to get it out to some of his other family members, and it exploded," Heinz said. The video has over 2 million hits on youtube.

jill peterson and kevin heinz

The JK wedding entrance dance has become an internet sensation. The video has over 2 million views on Youtube. The couple and the entire wedding party were invited to recreate their famous dance on the Today's show. Here is the video:

Song- Forever by Chris Brown

Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz interviewed on Today Show about their wedding entrance dance. The dance was incredibly inventive, energetic, fun, and most of all unexpected. The idea was Jill's, then Kevin and everyone else decided to go along with it. Jill danced growing up and also danced in college. They only rehearsed the dance once for just over an hour the Thursday before the wedding.

Jill and Kevin's popular Wedding Entrance Dance. They are dancing to the song "Forever" by Chris Brown. It took place at a Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Most Wedding Dances take place at the reception, but the Jill and Kevin did theirs at the ceremony in the church. It was totally unexpected, but they did a great job, looking at the video you can't help but smile. There have been different types of Wedding Dances at Receptions, but nothing like JK Wedding Entrance Dance, it was incredibly creative and fun.

Song- Forever by Chris Brown

This is a very funny video of a married couple's first dance together. They start out with a slow dance then the music changes to "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-lot. They did a great job on the dance moves.

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A wonderful couple dancing to "I Had the Time of my Life" by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes. They reenacted the Final Dance scene from the movie Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The couple also dressed like the movie characters, the Groom wearing all black and Bride wearing a white dress. It was very romantic and the wedding guests were enjoying it very much.

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A great waltz to breakdance transition. The couple did some robot moves and it flowed very well with the music. They both did a great job.

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