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This is our wedding dance. The best part of it is that absolutely nobody knew about it...Only the band was aware obviously. It was very shocking for everyone since Italian weddings are so traditional...but we wanted to be different.
We had it choreographed and it was very worth it we had a blast. Seeing everyone reaction was the best part. Especially since I never dance!!!

Bride Name: Christina Monaco
Groom Name: Franco Lipari
Wedding Date: October 23rd, 2010

A Boston Massachusetts Couple got married in true Flash Mob style on December 12, 2010 in a Shopping Mall, The Shops At Prudential Center. Jon Kleiman and his wife, Caroline's wedding video has gone viral after being posted on YouTube on December 30, 2010. There were about 70 guests in the Mall Wedding which included family and friends of the couple. The wedding started out with the Flash Mob singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye which then went into dancing.

The shoppers and onlookers where surprised by this and soon joined in the celebration. The Bride spent $36 on her Dress and did her own hair and makeup. The couple is expecting their first child in March and they spent less than $3000 on the wedding reception. The Groom said "Life can be monotonous and jury, the whole idea of this wedding was to hit people with a little bit of magic when they least expect it."

wedding dance shoesOne of the biggest complaints we hear from bride’s after the wedding is that there wedding shoes really hurt. Even worse, some of the brides actually tripped on their shoes during their first dance. The main reason we found is that bride’s don’t break in their wedding shoes before their wedding. So, when they are walking down the aisle and dancing that first wedding dance, their feet start to feel really uncomfortable. So, we came up with 5 ways to break in your wedding shoes for your first dance.

1. Wear them around the house and to clean places: One key to breaking in your shoes is to wear them before the wedding. Most brides like to save them because they want everything to be fresh and new for the big day. This is definitely a mistake. By saving them, your feet don’t get used to the shoe. Most of the times, it takes at least 3 times before your feet feel more comfortable in new shoes. Each time, you must wear them for at least 2 hours for your feet to really get used to them. The first time you wear your wedding shoes, feel free to wear them for less than 2 hours, but the second and third time, wear them out for awhile. Also, if you are worried about getting them dirty, then only wear the shoes to a really clean place – either work, the mall or around the house. It is easy to wipe off a little dirt, but it will be hard to feel comfortable if you don’t wear them around first. Finally, wear them for at least 3 times if not more so your feet get used to them.

2. Practice dancing with them for your first dance: If you and your fianc√© are taking dancing lessons, bring your bridal shoes to the lessons. Or, if you are learning a dance on your own, definitely practice with your shoes on. The feeling of dancing in heels versus your flip flops or flats will be entirely different. This way, you won’t trip or fall when you are dancing.

3. Add some shoe cushions: Another way to break in your shoes is to add some shoe cushions. After you wear them around for awhile, you will start to understand what hurts. Is it the heel that is too hard? Are the balls of your feet sliding around or feeling uncomfortable? Whatever the problem, shoe cushions will definitely help. Foot Petals actually sell a number of cushions specifically designed for high heels. Check out that line or any line in the shoe store that has some comfortable pads for your feet. Adding these to your shoes will give your feet long lasting comfort.

4. Stretch Your Shoes: One problem many people have is with the fit of the shoes. Sometimes, in the store, the shoes fit fine, but after a long day, your feet will start to swell and get bigger. When this happens, you will feel extremely uncomfortable. To prevent this, stretch out your shoes beforehand. Get a little bit of rubbing alcohol and put it on a cotton swab. Rub the inside area of the shoe where you want to stretch it and then put them on and wear them around the house for 15-20 minutes. If you want to stretch them even more, put on thin socks which will simulate your swollen feet. If this doesn’t work after 15 minutes, do the same process again in a few days. One or two times will work well and your feet will feel much better at the end of your wedding day.

5. Finally, if your feet still feel uncomfortable after 2-3 hours of wearing your shoes, then go out and buy a back-up pair of shoes to change into. If you have a long wedding dress, nobody will see the flip flops that you are wearing underneath. Or, just buy a more comfortable pair of shoes that don’t look as cute, but feel better. These will be great after you’ve taken your photos and just want to hang out and dance with your guests. You chose your bridal shoes to match your dress and look gorgeous on the wedding day. After the ceremony and pictures, you can feel free to relax a little with a more comfortable pair of shoes. Just one note – if you decide to do this, make sure your shoes are the same heel height as your bridal shoes. Otherwise, your dress will drag on the ground. So, look for a pair of 3 inch flip flops or wedge heels that are more comfortable on your feet.

The comfort of your wedding shoes is one of the last things brides think about, but one of the most important things to remember on the wedding day. You will be standing on your feet all day long so don’t forget to break the shoes in before you wear them.

About Cindy Johnson: Cindy is a wedding stylist and writer for She is one of 6 shoe stylists who select the best bridal shoes to display from all of the online stores. She has helped countless brides put together their wedding day outfits from the dress to the hairpiece to the bridal shoes. She also writes about her style selections on the WeddingFeet blog.

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