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I'm the Bride and we grew up in the same town but never knew one another although we had many of the same friends... 3 years ago, I saw a picture on Myspace (when it was still happening) of Fred(Groom) swinging on a vine in the jungle of Mexico...I wrote a message to him because about ten years earlier I took the same photo on a vine in the same jungle in Mexico. We started talking over Myspace and honestly fell in love in writing. We met up a few months later and have never been apart since! We were engaged on Valentine's day a year ago and decided to have a fun wedding in Vegas rather than a traditional one on the same weekend this year. Luckily our wedding party was excited to do the dance. We choreographed it on the rehearsal day and voila!

Fred and Loretta Urban
Married February 12, 2011 at the Bellagio Chapel, Las Vegas, NV.


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