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My husband and I put together this dance to surprise & entertain our guests, friends, and family. It was a hard year for a group of us, having lost a very dear friend, who was meant to be in our wedding party, so to bring everyone together and make them smile and laugh was really important to us. We had joked around about doing a special dance for almost a year of our engagement, about two months before the wedding we decided to go for it. My husband cut and sewed the music clips together, I choreographed the steps and was very surprised how fast my husband caught on, and everything came together.

We decided we would need to do the dance at least once a night *in my mother's living room* in order to remember it, but also to help us lose weight for our big day! I know I fell deeper in love through spending so much time dancing together, and he mentioned our bond growing more during that time too.

I have to thank my Mom, A LOT, for putting up with the loud music, repeating over and over, every night for two months, for allowing us to change her living room into a ballroom each night, as well as for her suggestions and guidance. She kept her promise and didn't slip our secret to anyone, not even my father, who was shocked at the wedding reception. I have to thank our friend Christine too for capturing the whole thing on video, unknowing what was to come.

Aly Love-Bartley
Josh Bartley
Wedding Date: Oct 16 2010

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