Best Wedding Dances | See Funny Surpise Wedding Dance Videos: January 2010

We created this EPIC wedding trailer as our Save-the-Date. It's a parody of action movie trailers, with every cliche we could think of. Sorry for the terrible acting. For the full effect, turn up the sound... way up! Enjoy! Jeff & Erin

Is this the new wedding trend? Couples creating movie type trailers for their wedding? This seems to be the new fad, as digital media and ease of video editing increases, couples can easily create a wedding trailer from home and post online for everyone to see.

We just got married on January 9th 2010 and we did a surprise Funny first wedding dance for everyone. We mixed our music and practiced for over a month. It went real well and everyone was surprised.

Kevin and Peggy Hopkins

We had our Civil Partnership on 24 October 2008 - we are both big Sound of Music fans and wanted to do something special, so we picked the song which is the first moment you really see that the Captain and Maria are falling in love.

All self taught from the film and practice in our lounge (moving the coffee table out to the kitchen) - being Star Wars fans Keeley also choose to wear a Princess Leia wig!

It was great fun and everyone loved it.

Jo and Keeley Frazer-Wise

A very funny wedding dance, the Bride with the Bridesmaids dance for the Groom as he is seated in front of them. They danced to crazy by Britney Spears. Then in a surprise the Groom with the Groomsmen dance for the Bride in the same way, they danced to Sexy back by Justin Timberlake. Lots of fun and laughs in this video.

Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz are interviewed on the Today Show. They give an update in their marriage and how they feel about their viral wedding dance video being so popular. The video has over 35 millions hits on YouTube. The couple also talks about the money they raised for the foundation that helps abused women. They raised over $27,000.00 through their website.

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