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Marisela and Valente Wedding on August 08, 2008 in El Paso Texas.

My husband and I are all about fun and entertaining others. My name is Monica and my husbands name is Jeff; we were married March 20, 2010 in Bensenville, IL (Suburb of Chicago). Our Videographer is still in the process of completing our video. He's currently making it in the form of a movie. In the mean time, he created a preview with music.... this is special to us because in 2 mins and 36 seconds, he beautifully summed up our day (Even the partying before Jeff and I saw each other). The preview will be included in our final video, but we wanted to share this with you... we were able to share our preview with all our family and friends and they thought it was amazing! Definitely something neat.

Monica and Jeff - March 20, 2010 from The Benne Productions on Vimeo.

In the preview you'll notice us dancing together. I also wanted to share our first dance mix with you that our DJ put together for us. The most special thing about this video is, my husband decided to play in a football game 2 weeks before our wedding (even though I told him not to), and ended up on crutches- knowing we had to do this first dance I was extremely mad and upset. Unable to practice as much as we would like to, he promised me he'd "bring it." I told him that's fine, but there will be a part in our first dance that I'm gonna leave you hanging and you need to show me how sorry you are!.... During "Ice Ice Baby," I leave him completely hanging, he had no idea I was just leaving him on the dance floor... little did I know my husband can dance!!! Enjoy!

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoy these video's and the story behind our first dance!

Monica Bulmann; Bride
Jeff Bulmann; Groom

This was by far the best I've seen! It is my brother, (A linebacker at NMSU!) and my new sister in law!! (ballet dancer!) It was such a surprise to us all...

Mike Matthews and Lindy Matthews
Time of my life with a perfect lift!!!!!!

Submitted by: Talia McWilliams

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