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Cecilia and Lee were married on the 6th of April 2012. Dance was choreographed by Lee's sister Jolene.

Cecilia and I first met when she was dating a friend of mine, about a year later we met again at a nightclub where my best friend tried to pick her up, and thankfully nothing seem to happen between the two. About another year passed and our paths crossed again as we coincidentally worked at the same retail store. We started talking again and have been together ever since and were married about 5 years later.

I had wanted to do a big spectacle dance, but almost let the idea go as we knew it would be quite difficult to organize so many people to practice and do the dance, but then having dinner with two (of the 14) in the wedding party we were inspired by the party rock anthem dance to commit to doing it. We learned the Party Rock dance from a tutorial on YouTube and the rest was choreographed by my sister Jolene who is a dance. We all practiced at her house until we were ready for the big day.


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