Veronica And Matthew's Wedding Entrance Dance | Best Wedding Dances | See Funny Surpise Wedding Dance Videos

Veronica and Matthew got married on June 02, 2012 at the Industry Hills Expo Center in Industry, Hills CA.

We met at Calvary Chapel Santa Fe Springs…our home church. We both shared mutual friends and often saw each other while serving and attending church. All it took was for Veronica to go out of her way and say “hello” to me one Sunday after church. I will never forget the sparkle in my eye that day. We started to exchange messages on Facebook messages back and forth and then started to date each other a few weeks later.  After much prayer on both of our parts, we heard the Lord's voice clear that He had prepared us for each other!

The proposal...
The proposal happened in New York City on top of the Rockefeller Center building! It was a beautiful night. We had an AMAZING view of New York City from 70 stories high. The proposal happened on October 11, 2011 just before midnight. I waited until the entire observation deck cleared out prior to dropping to one knee. We had just finished reading the Bible and doing our daily devotion on a nearby bench. I asked Veronica to join me to pray at the edge of the observation deck, overlooking NYC’s breathtaking view. Afterward, I began to express to Veronica what she and her daughters’ meant to me. (Veronica was widowed with two daughters from her deceased husband.  Nevaeh is 7 and Zoe is 3, I am in the process of legally adopting both of them! J) How grateful to the Lord I was for them. Veronica seemed somewhat confused as to why I was getting all mushy and emotional. Especially, since the security guard on duty was pressuring us to leave. It was closing time. Veronica was still somewhat confused, but she did her best to stay focused. I then got down on one knee. I think Veronica was literally in shock! She was so caught off guard that after she said, YES, she threw my arms around me and wouldn’t let go. I don’t think I have ever been hugged so tightly in my life. I had to pry her off of me. At the end of the night, in New York City, 70 stories up, on top of the Rock, it was just the two of us. Well…there was also a security guard and two of our friends. Nevertheless, it was extremely intimate and very romantic! Unquestionably, a night the two of us will never forget!

The video Idea...
The big group entrance and dance was my idea!  I always knew that I wanted to a big wedding party dance and Veronica was totally on board.  As we asked our family and friends to be apart of our wedding party, we let them know about the dance and the commitment we were going to need from them.  There were a few people that the commitment of practicing with a choreographer would be too much for them and decided not to be part of the wedding party.  We totally understood their decisions as we knew what we wanted and didn't want it to be a burden to anyone.  We had so much fun practicing; it united our entire wedding party.  Also, we had my friend, Chris Dupre, who is one of the best choreographers in the business as our choreographer.  He was so patient with all of us and he made it so much fun!!!


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