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Wedding Date: 14/07/2012
Couple's Name: Aaron Townsend & Rachel Addah

The newly wed Mr and Mrs Townsend met at the University of Manchester in 2009, initially starting out as friends and out rightly denying that they had feelings for one another despite our early suspicions, their love has blossomed before the very eyes of us as onlooking friends.  The dance was the idea of the Groom, who wanted to surprise the Bride following their first dance. After hours and hours of secret practice sessions the groomsmen (Alfred, Chris, Joel, Akin, & Steve) were able to put on a glowing performance much to the joy of the guests and most importantly the Bride herself.

The Wedding reception took place on 07/14/12 at Felbridge Hotel & Spa in East Grinstead, England, UK.

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