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Laurie and I met at the Atlanta (Briarcliff/LaVista) Whole Foods Market on December 28, 2009. It was truly an amazing meeting where we learned we had an incredible amount of things in common including; both originally being from Chicago, our parents living on the same street one neighborhood apart and me being a licensed mental health therapist while she is in a Masters program to become a counselor.

Our relationship quickly evolved and on September 28, 2010, Laurie and I returned to the Whole Foods store where I proposed at the exact spot where we met. Soon afterwards, while in Chicago (making wedding preparations) our amazing story was recorded at a Whole Foods store there for a local morning television program. It later aired and below you will find the link allowing you to see our story. http://www.wciu.com/youandme.php?section=home&assets=videos&assetID=10003825

On May 21, 2011, in Chicago, in front of our family and friends we were married.

Frank and Laurie


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