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We got married on October 10, 2009 in downtown Chicago at the rookery building, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed building. Over a few weeks time, we took dance lessons to learn the routine. We had about 4 sessions, an hour each session.

We wanted to incorporate 70's, 80, 90's and today's music. We both love Michael Jackson, so we had to use Billie Jean. And as a bonus, I had the top MJ impersonator in the country (who happened to live and work in Chicago luckily) show up and surprise the entire wedding, including the bride and do a great set.

I hope you find it as entertaining as everyone else did. We are happy as ever, and have not been apart since the day we met almost 4 years ago!

Chris and Heather Keller

Surprise Michael Jackson Appearance

: Download the Billie Jean MP3


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