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My name is Leighann Brock. This is a video of me and my husband's first dance as husband and wife. A few things you should know, I was inspired by watching videos of dances on YouTube trying to get ideas. I came across one and watched it A LOT. Upon asking my husband if we could create our own unique dance he agreed, much to my surprise. We spent many hours and weeks trying to get the music right and my husband insisted on rehearsing many many many times. One song in particular I snuck in, baby got back. I didn't tell my husband until the CD had been mixed. The story behind this song? My husband has a HUGE butt. This is something everyone knew and I figured would get a good laugh. We wanted to make sure not guests knew about the surprise, even keeping it from our family and wedding party. We eventually had to get some help from my sister and my mom, who enlisted the help of a friend to videotape. As you can hear in the recording the crowd was shocked.

We are a fun loving couple and although not trained choreographers we had so much fun doing the dance. To this day we still get asked about it and questions of if it will be repeated at a 50 year anniversary.

We joined lives on August 8th, 2008 in Arvada, Colorado

Leighann Brock and Casey Brock


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